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Formation de chef de Yacht 2019/2020

Nous avons eu la chance de former deux grands chefs dans deux somptueux Méga-yacht dont le magnifique Symphony…

Elior – Yamato group – La poste

Merci à Elior d’avoir fait confiance à la Japon Food Institut pour la présentation du menu que nous avons composé pour leurs restaurants Japonais en association […]

Mizkan Workshop

Mizkan workshop Lyon 2019

Workshop Foodex

Workshop organisé par Foodex France, les plus grands acteurs européen du sushi étaient présents.

Coté Sushi et Ngo

Une belle rencontre avec Ngo, le chef exécutif de coté sushi avec qui nous avons travaillé sur divers sujets en cuisine. Ngo est un chef brillant […]

Ça roule pour Kumo qui ouvre son premier pop-up signé Kantine by… à Paris

cliquez sur la photo

JFI sur le stand de Foodex au Sirha 2019

Merci à Foodex pour cette incroyable semaine!

Shooting photo N-K-I sushi

Shooting réalisé pour N-K-I sushi


Un grand Merci a Suko de nous avoir fait confiance pour le lancement de leur premier restaurant! Déjà 3 restaurants a ce jour! Bravo!

E.Leclerc de Cogolin

Merci a Isabelle, Thierry et leurs équipes pour leur confiance sur la création de la zone de production sushi et l’offre sushi de leur magnifique magasin […]

L’Instant Sushi

Un grand merci a Laurent et Pamela pour cette belle ouverture. Un grand succès dès les premiers jours d’activité! La Japan Food Institute est fière d’avoir […]

Kinjirushi Wasabi

Sushi Chef Recruitment Site opens

The demand for qualified sushi chefs in the UK & Europe is higher than ever before. UK immigration minister Damian Green’s revised laws are projected to […]

Marinade for Salmon from Chef Kiyoko

Hi, Thanks to the hard working salmon farmers in Scotland, we have plenty fresh salmon available all year round.  So that’s the main fish I use […]

Designer Nori now available…laser cut…taking Sushi to a new high!

Designer Nori Futomaki rolls The Designer Nori range has finally arrived into the Sushi World…taking Sushi to another level! For now they are still a work […]

Temari Sushi – Little balls of heaven!

Temari Sushi Stylish, vegetarian, with meats, fish or fruits…these Sushi are amazing in terms of display. Very easy to do, these little balls of rice can […]

You can now Eat raw Salmon…SAFELY!!! Fishmongers…read on!!! Farmed Scottish Salmon for Sashimi and Sushi – No more freezing! Great news!  Farmed salmon produced in the UK no longer has to be frozen […]

Your Sushi dips into Kikkoman


Deba, Yanagiba, Usuba…Sushi knives explained…

The Japanese kitchen can be a daunting place, especially when it comes to discerning what is what from the selection of tools within. Simply choosing a […]

Rice Vinegar vs. Sushi Vinegar

You will no longer be confused if you remember this: “Rice Vinegar + Salt + Sugar = Sushi Vinegar” It is Sushi vinegar that you want […]

Strictly No Fish Sushi

Despite the fact that sushi by definition – as I am sure the majority of you are well aware of – is a mixture of cooked […]

Jiro Dreams of Nikiri

“If sushi was a religious cult (which it should be if you ask me), the way in which people use soy sauce would be considered blasphemy of […]

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: DVD Release

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: DVD Release As official sponsors of the UK release of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, we are very excited present to you today […]

Whisk Away

Whisk Away It is evident that the Japanese tea ceremony is as much about the celebration of artisan craftsmanship and finely engineered tools – on which […]

Introducing Matcha…

Introducing Matcha…   There is no question about it, we Brits love our teas. I trust the 60 billion odd cups consumed each year helps to […]

Tamago sponge cake – so moist!!!

Tamago sponge cake – so moist!!! Tamago sponge cake is so moist, sweet and tasty.  And do you know what?  It’s made without any fat!  Tamogo […]

Teppanyaki Sauces Recipes

Teppanyaki Sauces Recipes Here are a few simple recipes for Teppanyaki cooking.  We hope you enjoy them! 1) Teppanyaki Soy Sauce Qty                  Unit                             Ingredient 5                      lit                                 […]

Home Made Miso

  Home Made Miso – the best ever Miso I have ever had! The wait was finally over. The soy bean mixture that my own hands […]

3. Sushi Shop Pierre

We caught up with Sushi Shop‘s Head Chef, Pierre Boudy, to find out more about his hybrid cooking style and proudest career moments.

What inspired you to become a chef?
I caught the bug when I was little: my father and grandfather were chefs. While my parents worked at their restaurant, I used to cook for my brothers and sisters and as a teenager I started working with my father in the kitchen, sparking my passion. With a love of food and travel, becoming a chef seemed the perfect fit.

Tell us more about your culinary background…
I spent from 16-18 studying hospitality, graduating in 2 years, before heading to Chester for another year. Since then I have worked at Le Fouquet’s in Toulouse, Christian Constant, Cocottes in Paris and Palace Royal in Quebec. I have now been with Sushi Shop for 4 years.

What has been the proudest moment in your career?
It can’t be just one! But two highlights include creating my first menu for Sushi Shop, that reached 120 restaurants in 8 countries! Another is my diploma from Yakuse – only 10 French chefs have this diploma worldwide. A delegation of the Japanese government visited France to examine my work and to award the diploma, an incredibly high honour.

How would you describe your style of cooking?
It is a mixture of styles and genres, with Japanese and French influences. Drawing from my French experience, I always start from my knowledge of French kitchen basics and always ends with beautiful balanced dressings. To honour my Japanese influences, I ensure a touch “Kaiseki”, the harmony of Japanese textures and tastes, is in every dish.

What provides you with inspiration for the dishes on the new menu items at Sushi Shop?
I begin by focussing on popular Japanese cuisine and then add a creative French touch to each dish. Then it is about turning these flavours and textures into the perfect sushi and maki.

4. Sushi shop

Tell us about the process you go through before launching new menu items…
I am constantly seeking new ideas and inspiration from all over the world and every type of cuisine. I research taste, colour, aesthetics and will visualise and imagine them and even draw them out. The first person who tastes my new recipes is my wife.

Then my kitchen team tries them, and finally I take them to Gregory (Marciano, Sushi Shop co-founder). When I work in collaboration with other chefs and artists, it is truly a partnership – a new adventure in sharing and creating!

Do you have any role models?
In Japanese cuisine, I love the recipes and flavors of Chef Nobu. In French cuisine, Paul Bocuse and the Chefs Lyonnais represent everything I admire in French cuisine – perfection, precision and timing.

What food takes you back to childhood?
I love chestnuts and mushrooms! I remember as a kid creating my first pasta dish with grated white truffle.


Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

Until I walked into the Marylebone branch of Sushi Shop, I had no idea that it’d been founded by two French entrepreneurs who were inspired after a trip to California. Regular readers will know that I lived in Paris for 3 years; I have no excuse. Grégory Marciano and Hervé Louis set up the deluxe delivery and takeaway service in 1998 after spotting a gap in the French market for affordable, restaurant-quality sushi and sashimi. It was an immediate hit with Parisians, and the company now has several branches in 14 countries. Londoners can currently enjoy fresh, made-to-order dishes in Marylebone, Notting Hill and South Kensington, with another three locations to follow by late 2017.

Sushi Shop Review

So, what’s different about Sushi Shop? If you popped into a branch, you might think that it’s just a French take on our current high-street favourites. This isn’t entirely off the mark as each dish is prepared using the traditional techniques which characterise French haute cuisine. However, their USPs differ greatly from those of their competitors, especially in the UK: each order is made from scratch using the freshest ingredients and they regularly collaborate with eminent chefs to solicit their feedback and make fine dining more accessible to the public.

Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

Following collaborations with the likes of Joël Robuchon, Sushi Shop have now teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Kei Kobayashi. Born into a family of chefs in Japan, Chef Kobayashi lived and breathed French cuisine from afar until he finally moved to Paris to pursue his culinary dreams under Alain Ducasseno less (link to my review below). His dedication bore fruit in 2011 when he opened his eponymous restaurant KEI, winning a coveted Michelin star a year later.

Sushi Shop Review

Sushi Shop Review

The new menu for 2017 at Sushi Shop is the perfect marriage of modern Japanese influences and classic French techniques, i.e. East meets West on a plate. Chef Kobayashi has taken their Californian-style sushi and reinvented it by introducing some delicate and playful creations. I was recently invited to sample these at the menu launch in the Marylebone branch, which was preceded by a short demo from head chef Pierre Boudy culminating in the unexpected appearance of a blowtorch.

Chef Kobayashi’s signature dishes are as follows:

Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

Gyu Special Roll: Carpaccio-style beef, lacquered with teriyaki sauce and topped with raw peppers, carrots, rocket, fried onions and sesame oil mayonnaise.

Chef Boudy chose to make this roll in his demo, and quite rightly so as it’s show-stopping sushi. Not only does it look impressive, it’s absolutely delicious: smooth intensity from the meat, crunchy salad and freshness from the coriander, which isn’t a common feature of Japanese cuisine.

 £8.90 for 6 pieces.

Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

Salmon Gravalax Roll: Gravalax salmon, with raw carrot, cucumber, salmon roe and black olive tapenade.

Again, the surprising additions of black olive tapenade, crumble, dill and mint elevate this salmon roll from average to sublime. Its exquisite form draws you in then the earthy, spicy notes convert you. The texture is softer then the Gyu roll, but the thinly sliced cucumber prevents it from being overly so.

£8.90 for 6 pieces.

Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

Garden Maki: Raw carrot, cucumber red miso, peanuts and rocket.

I’m not keen on vegetarian makis in general as I feel like they’re missing a few ingredients. The Garden Maki puts paid to this notion by dressing simple salad with some subtle, unexpected flavours such as sesame, lime, maple syrup, yuzu zest and chili. It was so tasty that I’d be happy to feast on a few rolls alone to fully appreciate how the flavours come together in each mouthful.

£4.50 for 6 pieces.

Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

Red Miso Cucumber Salad: Cucumber, red miso and peanuts.

Another crowd-pleaser of a dish: what’s not to like about cool, crunchy cucumber coated in a slightly nutty, sweet sauce?

£4.50 for 6 pieces.

Sushi Shop Review

Credit: Sushi Shop

If you haven’t booked a table for Valentine’s Day yet, how about swapping eating out for eating in? Priced at £35, the luxurious 42-piece box set at Sushi Shop includes classics like Salmon Avocado Rolls and Spicy Tuna Maki Rolls as well as the more contemporary Chicken Caesar Rolls. For the full list, head over to the website (link below), where you can place the order in a couple of clicks then sit back and let the food come to you.

DisclaimerI was invited to review the 2017 menu, but all views and photos are my own, unless otherwise stated. Both remain the property of

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