22 janvier 2018

Designer Nori now available…laser cut…taking Sushi to a new high!

Designer Nori Futomaki rolls The Designer Nori range has finally arrived into the Sushi World…taking Sushi to another level! For now they are still a work […]
22 janvier 2018

Temari Sushi – Little balls of heaven!

Temari Sushi Stylish, vegetarian, with meats, fish or fruits…these Sushi are amazing in terms of display. Very easy to do, these little balls of rice can […]
22 janvier 2018

You can now Eat raw Salmon…SAFELY!!! Fishmongers…read on!!!

www.sushi-school.com Farmed Scottish Salmon for Sashimi and Sushi – No more freezing! Great news!  Farmed salmon produced in the UK no longer has to be frozen […]
22 janvier 2018

Deba, Yanagiba, Usuba…Sushi knives explained…

The Japanese kitchen can be a daunting place, especially when it comes to discerning what is what from the selection of tools within. Simply choosing a […]
22 janvier 2018

Rice Vinegar vs. Sushi Vinegar

You will no longer be confused if you remember this: “Rice Vinegar + Salt + Sugar = Sushi Vinegar” It is Sushi vinegar that you want […]
22 janvier 2018

Strictly No Fish Sushi

Despite the fact that sushi by definition – as I am sure the majority of you are well aware of – is a mixture of cooked […]
22 janvier 2018

Jiro Dreams of Nikiri

“If sushi was a religious cult (which it should be if you ask me), the way in which people use soy sauce would be considered blasphemy of […]
4 décembre 2017

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: DVD Release

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: DVD Release As official sponsors of the UK release of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, we are very excited present to you today […]
4 décembre 2017

Whisk Away

Whisk Away It is evident that the Japanese tea ceremony is as much about the celebration of artisan craftsmanship and finely engineered tools – on which […]
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